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Re: Considering strut insert replacement

Eric -

Thanks for your reply:

> In addition to the usual 12 or 13 mm wrenches, you need spring
> compressors (good ones that won't slide off), a 22 mm box end wrench,
> a 7 mm allen wrench and something to get the caps off the struts (I
> use a big pipe wrench, but this is probably one of the special Audi
> tools that you mention).

I'm not planning to remove the complete strut, but only to replace the
strut insert. You don't need a spring compressor for that, do you?

> Does Bentley say to fill the gap between the strut housing and strut
> cartridge with oil?  If not, you should (I use ATF, about 0.5 oz I
> think), since it enhances heat transfer from the cartridge to the
> outside world.

No, the Bentley doesn't mention that, but sounds interesting.

I'll check for those strut bearing dust covers. Thanks for the rest of
your advice, too.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 156k