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Re: 87 5ktq for sale or trade

Some additional details for those who want to know.
The car is a 5000CSTQ. 5 speed, climate control (cold ac), and all of the 
other goodies that came with this top of the line model. The exterior is a 
dark burgandy(not sure of the official color name)that is in very good 
condition, no rust or dents; the hood, front fender and drivers door were 
repainted after a minor accident several years ago. The clear coat has some 
'tree sap'(white spots)damage on the roof and trunk but the finish is 
otherwise very shiny. The interior is black leather in excellent condition 
(slight wear on drivers seat but no rips or tears). The wheels are the 
original 15" alloys that are in excellent condition with good tires. My son 
replaced the original radio with a Pioneer CD receiver and has replaced some 
of the speakers. The following are the problems that I know about: left rear 
power window switch doesn't work (all windows work from driver's door), 
headlight switch will not stay on low beam unless it is held (broken 
spring?), abs not working properly (I have not tried to fix, we just switch 
the abs off), some noise from rear diferential or wheel bearing.  We 
purchased the car with a terrible drive shaft vibration that was fixed by 
replacing the center bearing and front driveshaft cv joint (from Blau). We 
have also replaced the clutch master cylinder (pedal would not always return 
all the way), and we recently repacked the front cv joints and replaced the 
outer boots (also swapped the axles from side to side to extend the life 
while they were out). I do not have any of the prior service records for the 

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>To: "Fred Phillips" <dad4ever@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re: 87 5ktq for sale or trade
>Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 19:35:18 -0400
>Hello Fred:
>     I always interested in knowing more about cars that are posted.  What 
>the color of the cars exterior and interior?  Are there service records
>available and are there extra wheels.  What type of radio or CD is in the
>car?  You mention that most everything works but a more detailed list would
>be appreciated.
>Wayne Scheer
>Amsterdam, NY
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>From: Fred Phillips <dad4ever@hotmail.com>
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>Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 6:23 PM
>Subject: 87 5ktq for sale or trade
> >I have an '87 5ktq that my son has been driving for about 5 months (5,000
> >miles).  We were looking for a VW GTI when we got the chance to buy the
> >at a reasonable price.  However, I suggested that we sell the Audi and 
> >VW that he can modify to his hearts desire without destroying a wonderful
> >car!
> >The car has 170k miles and runs great. Almost everything works and the
> >interior and body are in very good to excellent condition.  This car was 
> >company car for the president of the company that I work for and was
> >subsequently handed down as a company car for the controller who 
> >purchased it for his wife.  The car has never been abused and appears to 
> >in good repair.  I am located in southern NH (Dover) and I will e-mail my
> >phone number to anyone that is interrested in talking. Asking $3200 or
> >be willing to take a VW Golf (GTI?) in trade.
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