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Re: Cable clips

In message <37FAE781.6F1C166@mediaone.net> Huw Powell writes:
> > Sorry, I should have made myself clearer - its not tie-wraps that I'm after,
> > I've got loads of them - its the kind of horseshoe shaped clips that snap
> > into a hole that I want.

> the nice ones, if you can get them off intact, are the tie wrap like
> devices that snap onto the little round metal anchor points.  but I
> digress.

> (one that looks like it in the family pictures drawing (at the end of
> electrical section) has been discontinued and the replacement is # N 902
> 055 01)

You don't need Family Pictures for this, you need the "Standard Parts"
catalogue - 000.5010.05.88.

Jim describes 'horse-shoe shaped clips'.  The closest thing I can see
is VW 60484.

Part N 104 243 01 is 18.5mm diameter and 6.3mm thick - min order 25,
fixing on the side of the clip.

Part N 104 245 01 is 26mm diameter and 6.5mm thick - min order 25,
fixing on the bottom of the clip.

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