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Re: Light Watts in a 4kq


If I may be a voice of experience:



Save your money.  If you want some cool lights for your ride, spend your
money on some fogs or "auxiliary" headlights.  At least they'll allow you
to see when you're driving at night.  They aren't as expensive as you
might think.  Just head down to your friendly neighborhood off-road shop.
 Or, if you have piles of cash lying around, you can always buy those
awfully cool, (and awfully overpriced), Euro-headlights.  Hey, $750 and
they could be yours!  

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,


`85 4kq (Running aftermarket fogs when the weather warrants)
`82 & `86 CGT (R.I.P.)

> Jeryd writes:
> > hey!  Whats wrong with my idea?  It is cheep, and it would look
> > good.......(I think...)
> > Jeryd (and I am a 12 grader, almost out...)