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Re: archives need help - was Re: Anybody know CC Error 15?

What the...?
I was talking about the 20v archives as a matter of fact, though
I probably cc'd the main list too.

It's a Saturday, I have a gazillion things to do, a "new" car to
look over, an 8 month pregnant wife, and you expect me to sit here
and rehash how to change a temp motor in a 20v?

Pull down the 20v archives, search through them, and you are guaranteed
to find my posts.

Would I like the qlist archives to work better?  Yes.
Have I had the time to do this?  No.

I don't have any hangups about the site or the FAQs as you suggest.
I have never rejected anyone's contribution for a FAQ - I've just
never received any (in web form, the email stuff is all
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