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Used Audi and Volkswagen Parts

I need an exhaust manifold without cracks for a 1985 
Volkswagen GTI. The manifolds should be the same for 8 valve 
GTI's 1985-1987. Does anyone have one to sell me or know 
where I can find one? I cannot locate one without cracks.

Alternatively, does anyone know of an affordable bolt-on 
header for that car?

More generally, I am looking for recommended salvage yards for 
Audi and VW parts. I have reviewed the list at audifans.com, 
but I would like to hear personal experiences and 

I am located in Indiana but willing to ship within the US.


Eric R. Kissell
1986 5000cstq, 1.8 bar
1987 GTI 16v, 1984cc