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RE: Another speeding ticket question

	Bob was right. But so were you.  VASCAR does exist and is pretty
un fair. They can use it behind them.  Somehow, they get a distance
reading and if you gain ont he cop they nail you.  Not sure exactly how it
	But Bob was right about the nicer Radar units.  it has nothing to
do with the cars speedometer.  they actually have three displays.  One is
bigger than the other two.  that is your speed.  The radar unit picks
un-moving objects based on the approximate speed of the car (maybe this
comes from the speedo) and by testing many objects and getting the same
reading it knows they are not moving.  This is the cops speed.  then it
measures the total speed (closing rate) af the cop car and your car.  (Or
whatever car its picking up)  Then subtracts cops speed and that leaves
your speed in the third window.  Oh, second window is total speed.  The
hard part is for the cop to tell which car is the one speeding.  If there
was say a semi you are passing in the right lane it may actually show the
slower Semi's speed due to the size of the semi even though youa re going
faster.  Or, the car gainign on you from behind may be showing speed but
the cop thinks its you because youa re passing the guy going 50 in the
right lane and it LOOKS like you are going faster.  But if you are the
only one on the road, good luck fighting it.
	Anyhow, beyond that, I think the above type operates in K and KA
bands.  None that I know of in X band.  Not that many places still use
		Todd (Recently naled by Laser one mile after speed
changed)  Oops, guess I should of slowed down when speed changed from
65-55.  Grrr.  Although I was reading 60 and he said I was going 69.  Any

I think that is VASCAR, which computes the speed of the cops car compared
the time it takes to close on the "offending" vehicle. I was clocked in MD
by one, no radar involved because my detector did not go off. This is what
the cop said. He never showed at the ticket hearing, so who knows if it
BS or not. Ticket thrown out, I didn't care!

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