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Re: Differential Pressure Regulator

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 08:10:16 -0700
From: "Ken Keith" <auditude@neta.com>
Subject: Re: Differential Pressure Regulator

What does one do when it's bad?  (How do you know yours is bad?)

(The component, not the owner.  I imagine the owner replaces it.  
Am I too defensive? :-P )


"Bhatti, Mohammed" <MOHAMMEDB@iadb.org> wrote:
> Anyone have a differential pressure regulator for an 88 80q for sale.
> $169 at tpc.  If I have to I'll get it unless I can get it cheaper/used.
> Thanks
> mkb
> 88 80q

Ok, this is what happened.  I smelled gas, so I popped the hood.  I saw a
leak between the dpr (diff. pressure reg) and the fuel distributor.  I had
recently got my mechanic to change the air filter (4 weeks ago) on my car so
I figured that the O rings were leaking.  Replaced the O rings but still
there was a leak, again between the dpr and the fuel dist.  So, I then used
some gasket sealer around the edge of the dpr with new O rings and put the
thing back in place.  No leak between the the dpr and fuel dist but I notice
a leak at the front of the dpr and the sides on the actual body of the dpr.
If you look closely, you might notice small indents on the body of the dpr.
The fuel was leaking from these indents.  Don't know how, whether it's
related to the filter change or it just went bad.  I've tried everything to
stop the leak except trying another unit.  So that's the story. 

btw, the dpr is real easy to get as it's attached to the front of the fule
dist by two screws and comes off in a copule of seconds (watch for the fuel


88 80q