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Re: Audi 100

Phil Payne writes:
>Lowering a Type 44 quattro inevitably raises the roll centres - that's
>why I don't personally recommend it.  As far as I can see only the V8Q
>had a rear anti-roll bar.  The 200TQ 3B - which _was_ officially
>imported in small numbers, all LHD - has a conventional Type 44
>suspension.  No sign of any anti-roll bar on the fiche
Claus replies:
::And no sign looking under the rear either!
::But how to get one?

::Claus Vegener 200QT 20V Avant 1990

I believe the '92 S4 (derived from the type 44) used a rear bar; you could 
likely swap in the rear setup from one of those, if you think the bar would 
chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com