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'88 5kcstq no start, continuing problem

As a "back to basics" method of troubleshooting the 
hesitation/stalling problem on my recently purchased '88 5kcstq, I 
put a bottle of Techron in the tank, with about a quarter of a tankful 
of gas in it.

The idea was to clean out any potential stuffiness before replacing 
anymore expensive parts.

It wouldn't even start though, so I couldn't very well clean the 
injectors and fuel system.  So, it remains parked.

It was suggested that I look to the fuel pressure regulator in the fuel 
distributor, which I have not done yet.  Perhaps someone coudl 
point me to a procedure to do this, or give me other clues, or stop 
by and take a look<g>.

Anyhow, just thought I'd share.


'94 Saturn SL2, runs
'88 Audi 5kcstq, used to run
'85 Audi 4ksq, never seen it run
(I'm back to thinking of combining the last two...)