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RE: 944 engine into quattro? (4k,5k)

300hp.  Try 400hp on for size.  Ont he west coast there are a few 4kq's
with 20vt's in them.  they range from 350-450hp depending ont he level of
boost.  I wonder if its worth the time and effort to do a 944t motor.
Sure, itc capable of lots of power.  but a 20vt is cheaper to buy and
maintain.  And just as capable and it bolts right up with factory engine
mounts, etc.  I spose the 944t motor weighs less though which might give a
handig advantage.  
	But your right about the brakes and suspension.  Whith the extra
weight, and power.  Big brakes and coil-overs are preferred.    But boy
are they fun.  Ridden in Alex's a couple times.  Never ridded in tim
valencia's.  But they both scream.  90-120mph happens as fast as forst
gear happens in my 4kq.  Or it seems that way anyhow.  L8R

	Todd Phenneger
	1983 ur-q / black / getting a MC
	1984 4000 quattro / modified/ turbo conv almost done.
	1987 4000 quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
	1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
   *****1985 5kt / PARTING OUT!
<Someone wrote>
>A 4kq with a 951 engine, if it can be done, would be a real screamer.
>engine than the I5, very strong engine, can be tuned to lots of power. I
>even imagine what a 4kq would be like with 300bhp. That would be very 
>unless you put at least some 993 calipers and stiffer susp. to help 
>all of that power.