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Re: S6 Found

Mark L. Chang writes:
> On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> > Audis have some of the lowest theft numbers around according to 
> > insurance companies...and if they thought they couldn't move it, they 
> Wasn't it rather high before due to the fact that Audi had the fewest key
> combinations out there?

Nope.  The majority of car thefts are done by organized car theft
rings who have a connection to a black market for car parts.  As
such car theft is very much a supply and demand business.  The more
popular and numerous a particular car model, the more demand
for parts, and thus a bigger market.  This is the reason why
the most stolen cars in the US are models like Honda Accord/Civic
and Toyota Camry/Corolla.  Also high on the list are Ford Taurus,

For this reason Audis have never been popular with organized car

As far as keys and such, that is really irrelevant.  A professional
car thief can break into a car, any car, without the use of a key
or use of the keyhole, and with little effort.

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