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Re: Door Handle ('92 100)


    I haven't been following this thread, but I assume your '92 100 is the
C4 body style and you are talking about the front door. The major difference
between this car and the previous Type 44 is that the inner door panel lifts
up to release the clips and then out to remove the panel. On previous cars,
you popped the panel clips out of the door frame. Of course, this is after
you have removed the pull handle, the inside door handle, and the Phillips
screws around the inside door handle and at the upper front and rear of the
door panel.


Fred Munro
'94 S4  91k km

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> I was reprimanded for my earlier request.
> Does someone have a BTDT.  I have attempted to get the door panel off, but
> seems like somone glued the darned thing in place.  I'm overlooking a key
> in its removal.
> Jon
> jmoritz@medicine.nodak.edu
> '92 100 non-q 130k mi and still going strong.
> > Hey man-
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> > I understand needing to 'borrow' something once in a while, but don't be
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