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RE: Hakka vs. Cooper

I am running both or have run both. Both the Audis have Hak 1's with studs
whereas the Chevy P-up has Coopers w/studs (2nd winter), previously had
Coopers w/o studs (ran those year round until they ran out of tread). The
Jeep Wrangler (daughter's) has Coopers w/o studs and the Subaru Outback
(son's) ran Coopers w/o studs up until winter of 98-99 then he switched to
Hak's with studs.

Our performance rating would be as follows:

1) Hak 1 - excellent traction in the snow. Haven't been in a snowbank yet
unintentionally, knock on wood. As we put on a lot of miles and sometimes
don't have the option of delaying trips these are a worthwhile investment.
Haven't felt like we were sliding around a lot, but then driving at the
right speed for the conditions and equipment helps. My wife swears by the
Hak's, but that may just be the confidence factor that telling her that the
car has Hak's on it gives her. She still hates riding with or my son when
the conditions get bad.
2) Coopers with or without studs are right behind the Hak's. I run the P-up
with about 300 - 400 lbs of solid cement blocks in the back which helps the
light rear end. The studs are a little extra benefit, but even without them
they are good. Last fall when I bought the latest set of Coopers the tire
shop was also pushing another tire which had a harder compound, but I stuck
with the Coopers  and do not regret it at all. The Coopers are a good tire
and if cost is an issue then a very good alternative.

A story on the Coopers: Last winter when traveling in a not too severe snow
storm on  91 North on a Friday night the traffic stopped just north of the
last exit in Mass. It took about an hour from there, stop and go, to get to
the VT line(usually 15 minutes) where the road changed from wet to a thick
sheet of ice, not the usual norm for VT, but they seem to be lately dropping
their level of road care. There were tractor trailer trucks and cars
including SUV's off every where. The P-up with the studded Coopers went up
through it with no problems and didn't feel loose whereas the other vehicles
still going forward either were slipping sideways or going real s  l  o  w .
Too many SUV's being sold with the idea that you now have 4 wheel drive so
you don't need real snow tires only All Season. Others have said it better
in the past 4 X 0 = 0.

I personally travel from the Hartford CT area to Waterbury Center Vt
(central Vt) every Friday night and return every Monday morning (early am)
regardless of the weather. Both the Hak's and the Coopers have provided
excellent traction for these trips.

I would recommend the Hak's, but if the $ are a real issue the Coopers are

My $0.02.

Grant Eckfeldt
'87 5KCSTQ
'91 200QW

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Hello all:

Well, seeing as the threat of snow is near here in central
Massachusetts, it is time to get the snows.  Every on the list seems to
recommend Hakka's.  However, are they worth the money.  A local guy I
know can get me Hakka's for around $80/tire or Cooper Weathermaster's
for about $50/tire.  He told me to go with the Cooper's and that I'd be
happy.  The tires are for my 84 4000 quattro.  Is the extra $30/tire
worth it, or should I save my pennies for door handles and such?


Adam Brodeur
84 4ksq