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RE: Synthetic oils in new engine

<< Alan writes:
 >A trusted friend of mine said that I will have trouble seating the rings in 
 >my new engine w/ the Mobil 1 I put in.  True?  Engine so far has only run 1 
 >hour and no oil burning evident.

I also own Alfas and this question has comes up regularly on the Alfa digest. 
Modern designed engines with plated or high chrome rings etc. with the latest 
honing techniques can use synthetic from hour 1. Corvettes do. Latest Alfas 
in Europe do. Porsches do. Think about it, in order to improve the EPA milage 
figures the major manufacturers use 5-30 for fuel milage and the like so can 
synthetic be any worse? When rebuilding an engine it's a different story and 
almost all engine _rebuilders_ agree that you should start with non-synthetic.

John Katos
87 5ktq
many Alfas