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RE: 4kq diff locks

Sometimes behind the switch the tubes that plug into the switch get loose...
Push them back in.  In order to get to it you need to remove the radio...
:(  Have fun!!!  But before you do see see if someone might have an easier
or other solution, try the easiest things first.


'85 4K-Q
'85 UR-Q

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> Sent: Friday, December 03, 1999 8:16 AM
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> Subject: 4kq diff locks
> It appears that the diff locks are not engaging on my 86.
> Turn the switch and get no indicator lights to show anything is engaged.
> I know it's not the fuse mentioned in the owners manual so where do I
> start with this one.
> Help!!
> Tom
> 86 4csq
> 90 90Q20V