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Re: Death of an Audi 200 TQW?

My heartfelt sympathies.  Iíve totaled two synchros (deer) and got what I 
wouldíve sold them for both times from USAA.  Itís a pain giving up a 
reliable and familiar car.  I ended up with a much better car each time, and 
my old, reliable synchros were really getting old.  If what happened to you 
happened to me today, it seems unlikely Iíd find another comparable car, but 
Iíve managed twice now.  The steady flow of $ into my current quattro 
wouldnít be missed if I found something newer and fun to own for a little 
more $.  I donít think Iíd fix it if they totaled it, the $ and time spent 
might be more rewarding on something newer.  Your cars fate awaits mine 
eventually, better to go that way than just wear out and get no insurance $ 
for another desirable vehicle.  Good luck whatever you decide.

í90 200tqw, pearl, 160k

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