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Re: BMW 325is bolt pattern

As I am now spending a lot of time around BMWs at work, I will go on a limb
and say that the E36 ('92 up) has five-lug wheels, which certainly do not
fit a 4k. The E30 ('84-'91) has four-bolt wheels... I've seen 325e rims on a
Golf, and a 318i on '79 Scirocco alloys (yeeeech!). This leads me to believe
that the BMW pattern is 4x100. It will fit a 4ks but not a 4kq- those have
Just my recollections,

Huw Powell wrote:

> Jimmy D wrote:
> >
> > same as 86 4K?  Anyone know?
> Parked next to one tonight, with wheels (borbets?) just like the ones on
> Javad's coupe that I colorized.  While they looked for all the world
> like 4 x 100 (80-83 cgt), they could have been 4 x 108 (for the Q and
> 85-on cgt).  I did not measure them...
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