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Re: Crash Test Results for Older Audis, and a Dodge Colt

After looking at the so called "door beams" on my previous '84 4K vs. the
DOOR BEAMS on my previous '75 Saab 99, (as well as the roof hoops and
trunk beams, and hood bar, etc) I'd say Audi did not look as deeply into
passive safety as much as Saab did. The beams in the Audi a round tubing
of wall thickness (my estimate) of maybe double that of the sheet steel.
The BEAMS in the Saab were of square section tubing, about 1" by 1.5" of
wall thickness of about 1/8" or more. Actually felt and sounded thick and
solid. And THAT was in a 1975!!!

>From my understanding, at least on the 5K vs. 100 (for us Yanks) the
difference came from the Procon/Ten seatbelt tensioners, the Airbag AND
the revised steering column and dashboard support structure required for
the Airbag. 5K's (and 4Ks) tended to skewer the crash test dummies in the
NHTSA tests. Don't know for the '75 Saab, but I do know that the Saab
used a double jointed system to allow the lower steering column to be
pushed back without bringing the upper column along with it. 

Personally, I'm glad to be driving a 2C rather than a 5K, and rather than
my old 4K. Not saying the older cars aren't safe, but I do know that the
2C is safer. Though I like and drive VW and Audi products, I don't think
that they are always the first, nor the best at everything. At least


On Fri, 10 Dec 1999 11:38:09 EST BRIT4VWS@aol.com writes:
>In a message dated 12/9/99 8:38:23 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
>Audi_80@email.msn.com writes:
><< Year----Make/Model------------------Weight    Driver Front     Pass 
> 1989--- Audi 100-------------   4Dr--   3790     (*****)            
> 1980--- Audi 4000------------   4Dr--   2836     (*    )
>             (*    )
> 1985--- Audi 5000------------   4Dr--   3397     (*    )
> (*****)
> 1989--- Audi 80--------------   4Dr--   3320      (**** )
> (*****) >>
>The Audi 100 and the Audi 5000 are the exact same car and they got 
>scores?  Where did you get these test results so we can look at them 
>selves?  I don't think an Airbag helped the 100 that much over the 
>5000 and 
>there is a magazine that actually rated the 4000 as the safest compact 
>to buy in the united states in 85 or 86.  I will have to go look that 
>one up 
>in the library today.  That was over BMW's, Saab, Mercedes, though 
>didn't have a car in it's class at the time.  All things considered I 
>think I am to worried about my safety in my 4000.  When you own an 
>Audi over 
>some other car you get so much that you don't recognize as safety 
>that you don't realize how safe they really are.  How many car 
>companies in 
>1974 let alone today built in an anti-skid steering system in their 
>suspension (this can be fun to play with on snowy days).  5-10 mph 
>were Audi standard here in the us sense 1981 I believe, Rising ramp 
>seats to 
>keep the occupants from submerging have been used sense at least 84 or 
>Look in the trunk of any 4000.  Do you see those beams protruding from 
>trunk floor?  Yeah now test the gauge on that steel.  I think you are 
>starting to get my point because how many cars do you see a frame like 
>in?  Look at where they put the fuel tank and what they made it of.  
>Look at 
>where the batteries are located. If you have ever scene one wrecked, 
>look at 
>where the engine gets displaced so it doesn't protrude into the 
>compartment (yes even the 4000 engine goes into the middle of the 
>transmission tunnel).  Now if only they could have spent a little more 
>on their headlighting systems, they would have hands down the safest 
>cars in 
>the world in my opinion and that is not to mention quattro.
>    Lets face some facts that as Audi owners we have a car that was 
>built by 
>a company that was dedicated to saving people.  There were minor 
>over time yes, but I do not think that they can cause this much 
>to one car built only one year in front of another car especially when 
>two are so similar in design in the first place.
>Britton Ingraham
>87 4000 CS quattro
>85 Quantum GL5
>73 Beetle
>LOOKING FOR!  88-87 Volkswagen Quantum GL5 5 speed.  Need not run but 
>have great looking body and interior that means NO RUST!  All colors 
>are good 
>but would prefer not to have Tornado Red the other lighter red is 
>though and silver is really good!