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: Euro Lights-adjusters, seals

>Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 18:58:37 -0600
>From: "Nicholas  Lawrence" <nick@beol.net>
>Subject: Euro Lights-adjusters, seals
>I recently installed euro lights in '90 100 FWD.
>   What are the little levers located on one of the adjusters used for? I
>can't move them or haven't applied enough force?
>   There is a paper sticker covering a hole on the "bucket".  Is this a vent
>or can it be covered to keep out dust?


The levers are to adjust ("up" or "down") beam height if you load 750 lbs
of bricks in the trunk or tow a 35 foot yacht. Don't fiddle with them since
they are not used in normal circumstances. They are tight, and you can
break them off if you are adamant about moving them, and as I say, there's
no real need to move them, so I'd just leave them alone.

The paper sticker is marked "remove" - I think the hole is there from the
molding process of the bucket, but I'm not sure. Some people leave them
open, some people close them with a rubber plug. If there's lots of salt on
the roads, I'd close them.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman