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RE: 0-60 What???

	I read that to.  I suspect it is correct.  Audi lists it faster
than that but still slower than the A6 2.7.   Look at the gearing of the
4.2.  Its geared Horribly in my opinion.  It might be nice on the highway
and Autobahn but sucks for takeoff.  The old V8 3.6 with 5-spd does it in
6.5 seconds, and his 60hp down on the 4.2.  Even the old V8 4.2 was as
fast if not faster than that.  (some listers get low 7's with the 4.2
	Also, look at the other times.  In the 1/4 mile the gap isn't as
big.  Seems once the big boat gets moving its got plenty of power (heard
this from people that have driven it as well)  But it just seems like it
takes forever to get moving in the first place.  
	Why they cant give it gearing like the 540i has is beyond
me.  If they did that maybe it would have a chance at competing.  They
praised the engine for smoothness etc, but thought it lacked
torque.  Well, doubtful but with that gearing doesnt surprise me that they
got that feeling.  ANd they even noticed the gearing as well.
	Anyhow, to bad IMHO.  But thats why I'd get the 2.7t anyhow with a
6-speed. :-)

>I was just browsing a friend's copy of Road and Track from last month and
>noticed the V8 comparo test (A6 4.2, Lincoln LS, BMW 540, etc.).  They
>had a 0-60 time of the A6 4.2 of 8 _seconds_.  Is this accurate?  Has
>anybody else
>seen 0-60 times for this car?  If this is true it is sad for Audi.  My
>wife's Toyota Corolla would give it a run for its money.
>Jeff Fithian
>95 A6q   

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