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If you have decided to unsubscribe from one of the Audifans lists, please follow the directions in the email you received when you joined. If you deleted that email, then navigate to the list information page for the list you belong to, and at the bottom of the page, enter your email address and click "edit options." On the page that then appears, you'll see immediately on your left at the top of the page "Unsubscribing from (listname)" Enter your password(if you forgot your password, there's a button to click to send you a reminder) and click "Unsubscribe."

Please note that any emails asking for us to remove you will be ignored, unless you are having technical problems, such as an error message. If that is the case, please DO email us, but be SURE to specify any errors you're getting...otherwise, the email will be ignored. Please be polite, explain the problem to the best of your abilities, and wait for a response(it will most likely not be immediate since we have jobs, families, etc.)

Never email the mailing list, none of those people can help you(only the administrators can, and again, only if you're having technical problems.)

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