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Who "runs" Audifans? Who makes policy decisions?
For many years, Dan Simoes has been the site administrator. Dan is solely responsible for site policy and directly administers the quattro list and a few of the smaller misc. lists.

Hosting since mid-September has been graciously provided by John Dunkle of the Rennlist; we can't thank him enough for letting us "stick around" on his network.

Steve Buchholz administers the UrQ list. Brett Dikeman(who within the past 2 years has been assisting with system administration tasks) is 200q20v listmaster/founder, along with co-listmaster Chris Miller.

Website design is by Brendan Barry and Huw Powell(who also maintains the Links page); Michael Murphy maintains our Vendors list; Mark Chang wrote and maintains our Marketplace and Registry web applications.

All Audifans "staffers" are unpaid volunteers. Audifans is not a for-profit(or even non-profit) organization; we're just a bunch of guys running a website; don't let the .com fool you :-). Donations to help offset(or pay back many years worth of) running costs(electricity, bandwidth, hardware repairs/upgrades, mental hospital bills) are welcomed. Please see http://www.audifans.com/about.html for more information(towards the bottom.)

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