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What are "the archives" and why are people always telling me to search them?

At Audifans, we have a near complete archive of all list traffic dating back to approximately 1991. There is a substantial amount of information available for the careful searcher. To search the archives, simply go to the main page of the website and enter some keywords to search for(there is a small one-line text box near the top of the page.)

Because some of the lists tend to be very high traffic, things can get repetitive(if you're a parent, or have been around small children for more than 5 minutes, you know what this can be like.) This particularly wears on the group of individuals who spend a lot of time answering questions...answering the same question over and over again can cause "list elder burnout", which isn't pretty. It is characterized by wandering, mumbling things to themselves like "just answered it a few days ago" when asked what time it is, quizzing inanimate objects/family pets on Audi trivia, recurring nightmares about "what tires should I get" discussions at the end of each season, and buying BMWs(we warned you it wasn't pretty.) :-)

It is strongly recommended that, particularly for something which seems like a common subject, you search the archives. Otherwise, if you're lucky, people will start dropping hints you should be searching the archives(they may, for example, point you to this FAQ item.) If you're not lucky, your question will simply be ignored.

If you have trouble getting meaningful search results, there is a separate FAQ entry which covers search techniques and special commands that can be used.

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