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I think the list is down/broken/fallen-and-can't-get-up. Should I send a test message?
Nope, never, zip, zilch, nada. We Audifans staff members belong to a bunch of the mailing lists ourselves(and/or run some of the mailing lists), so we do tend to notice outages pretty quickly(usually within a few hours tops); we also have monitoring software that checks to make sure the server isn't having issues. If you suspect a problem, we suggest you ask a friend who is also on the list if they are getting email, or try having a friend/coworker/family member send -you- a test email to make sure your email is OK.

One possibility is that you could have been unsubscribed automatically, if your Internet Service Provider was having problems. We suggest you check the status of your subscription. For example, if you see emails appearing in the archives, but don't get them via email, check your subscription status!

If your email is OK, you're still subscribed, and you're not getting emails from the list, can't get to the website, etc...please try to wait it out for a bit. Occasionally we do have problems, and sometimes they take a while to fix.

If after more than a day or two you're still not getting email, send an email your list administrator and ask for help.

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