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Based on comments submitted by quattro list members. This list is very outdated, but may serve as a starting point for you.

Send submissions to dans@audifans.com

Feel free to suggest a better way of listing these - the regional split is kind of difficult. By state maybe?

Note - the email address in parentheses is of the person who made the comments
Comments below in italics are mine.

last revision 12/03/00

Recommended Mechanics - Mechanics to Avoid


Europa CarTech, owner named Jim (lar@vnet.IBM.COM) Poughkeepsie, NY 914-473-2371
Specialises in foreign in general, esp british and exotics, Authorized by Bosch (whatever that means) and a Gislaved tyre dealer Very knowledgable and likes to rallye his various cars at Lime Rock. he has a lotus europa, a X1/9 spyder, a Volvo wagon and a Dodge GLH. Very honest in my opinion. I used him exclusively for 8 years.

Denis Graham (dans@audifans.com) Lagrange, NY 914-227-7284 Factory trained VW/Audi/Porsche Master Mechanic.
Works out of his house on weekends, at the dealership on weekdays. Also good with other types of cars. He does what I can't or what I break :-).

Bruno's Quattro Center (GPOWELL@rimail.interlan.com) 751 Onderdonk Ave. Ridgewood, Queens, NY 11385 718-366-1420
Bruno being Bruno Kreibich of SCCA Pro-Rally Championship fame. Must call for an appointment.

Rennsport (dans@audifans.com) 353 Adams Street Bedford Hills, NY 914-241-3338
Did a front wheel bearing for me on my 90 last winter. While not a big job, I was pleased with the service and the fact that he let me bring my own parts. I would go there again, plus the labor rate was very fair.

AutoFirme, Inc. (dans@audifans.com)
Greg Haymann
Route 343 Amenia, NY 12501
Greg is a longtime Audi mechanic and has that "black magic" touch with quattros. He owns at least an UrQ, a 5ktq, and shares a 5ktq Pro Rally car with a friend. He works alone, and always has a backlog of cars, so he prefers that you leave the car for a few days, which is sometimes difficult. Greg is one of the better Audi mechanics in the area, if not the best, and has a very loyal clientele.

Foreign & Sport Car Service (mattb@nova.dreamscape.com) Rt. 46, Westernville NY (North of Rome) (315) 827-4110 Owner: Jim Carmody
Comments: Usually has parts in stock for 5000's. Doesn't do A/C service (no freon capability)

European Performance Engineering (rdh@sli.com, others) Bill Pfister 10 Cochituate Street Natick, MA 01760 (508) 651-1316 EPE got my car working in a day (after over two months of Audi dealer messing around). While predominantly a Porsche shop -- there's always a coupla 911's lying in various stages of disassembly, and they race a 911 -- they seem to understand Audis and German cars in general. (I've seen the stray Ferrari, Mercedes, Jaguar, and even an ancient Triumph make an appearance.) They have a dyno if you *really* want to know how much power your car makes . . .

The Benz Den, Dave Clark (rdh@sli.com) 358 Pleasant Street Belmont, MA 02178 (617) 489 6548
Another of these "German Car Werks" type of places. Mostly seem to do BMWs and Mercedes, but Dave Clark seems to have made a hobby of the Ur Quattro (he's got a "spare" one out back that someone wrecked. Very friendly and accomodating folks, they seem to know what they are doing, but I'm only in the middle of my first visit there so can't conclusively say "fer sur". The work I've seen so far looks very promising.

Consumer Collision and Repair
Jim and Tony Ferrechia (David_Wagner@dgc.ceo.dg.com & others)
Hudson, MA
They completely removed the rear bumper/spoiler assembly and repainted, clear-coated, etc... Inspected for any damage... They did a tremendously high quality job and I'll go there again.

Automeister (glen.powell@smc.com) Paiter off Route 20 Sudbury, MA 508-443-5700508-443-5700
One man shop, works on German watercooled cars *only*.

Brentwood Motorcars, 446 Western Av, Allston/Brighton (Boston), MA 617-783-8000 Co-Owner/Head Mechanic: Henry Opland Co-Owner/Service Manager: Chuck
Formerly Beaconwood Motors of Watertown, MA, I have been going to these guys for over 5 years, mostly with my 87 4000CSQ, now with my 90 Coupe Quattro. Always exemplary service, they also specialize in BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, VW, Volvo. They will take on other makes now as well. They will do full or partial detailing service. They will also help with logistics/local transportation.

Mattie Imports, Inc. (abd@cadre.com) 80 Wm. S. Canning Blvd. Fall River, MA 02721 (508) 678-5555
This dealer specializes in VW, Porsche, Audi only. The dealer is small but the service is outstanding. They are very knowledgeable and kind to explain in detail.

Henry Mearig, Inc. (Saab & Alfa dealer) (CooberPedy@aol.com) David Raezer 5250 Main Street Petersburg, PA 17520 (Lancaster, PA area) 717-569-6467 or 717-560-1516.
I can't say enough good things about this man, whom I met when he just happened to be assigned to work on my car one day, while he was working at another company & who has, subsequently, become a very good friend. He has also recently passed the ASE certification exam for Master Technician. He formerly worked at Huber's Foreign Car Service in New Holland, PA for many years before accepting a position at Mearig's. European cars are his interest & Audi is a favored marque (he hooked me up with my '85 4000SQ which I enjoy driving very much & which saw me thru 17 snow storms last winter without a problem). He's very good at answering your questions and is not at all condescending. If you live in the area, keep Dave in mind.

Bennett Auto Repair (owner is quattro list member) 64 Plant Road Hyannis Ma 02601 508-778-0564 email: tace96a@prodigy.com
My wife & I own a small (three techs & myself) VW/Audi independent shop on Cape Cod, Ma. [owns TQC and 5000 too]. We also built an 86 GTI with a G60 drivetrain & engine management, NS upgrades to about 190 HP, paint, wheels, guages, etc for the VW people.

Egenton's Garage (UGYH60A@prodigy.com and others)
Central NJ 908-753-9289
Any one in the central New Jersey area looking for an excellent Audi/VW mechanic can trust Egenton's Garage. They only care for Audi's and VW's. Honest, old country folks with tons of knowledge. They also have a small salvage yard for a fair price on recycled parts.

C+S Foreign Cars (sabutin@mindspring.com)
Mamaroneck NY
Chris is a German mechanic who maintained my wife's family's VWs 20 years, kept my previous '83 4k running upwards of 175k, Manhattan parking and driving mistreatment notwithstanding. He's had the same 3 guys working in the shop for at least 15 years, not a "high-end" shop, lots of ten and fifteen year old cars, but they're all running. Stands by his work, will NEVER try to hustle you into more work than bare minimum. Good, clean shop, good people.

Craig's Auto
Corning, NY phone 607-962-3060 (fmartin@mr.oa.ithaca.edu)
I've had pretty good luck with this business located in Corning, NY. A relatively small operation, they sell and service a variety of Northern European cars (used), though at least 50% of their business looks to be in Audis (usually have 2-5 for sale at any given time). These are "car guys," not sales-types. This is one of the rare/few auto-places where the hair on the back of my neck *doesn't* stand up upon walking on the lot. I bought my wife's 89 100Q there last summer; they've serviced it since. Some recent work included replacing our alternator with a rebuilt unit (car had 102K miles) for, I believe (don't have papers with me) $307, inclusive. An estimate from local Ithaca Audi dealer for same was about $575. Note: this is only repair I've sent back; the alt. needed a different pulley (or end-piece?) to bring it in line with drive pulley, so, caveat emptor mechanicus, or whatever. I doublecheck *any* auto work for me. These guys, however, I feel I can trust 97%, as opposed to the industry average of 30% (a guess).

Independent Automotive
Mike Enright owner
Repairables - Custom Engine Work - Painting
23 Overlook Road, Westminster Ma 01473
Very Audi knowledgeable and also does Merc, BMW and everything inbetween. Very rates ! My personal experience with Mike is limited since I only met the guy a few weeks ago but since then I've watched a couple of repairables get finished (93 100 and 94 100) and can say the quality of his work is exceptional, which led a friend to buy Mike's previous personal car (200Q former repairable).

Concord Precision Auto Works (gene@insti.physics.sunysb.edu)
(516) 997-4328
151 Jericho Turnpike -- just off LIE exit 40 (eastbound, at the Texaco gas station) Long Island, NY
The owner, Marino Dimov, is a big quattro and racing enthusiast and simply a great guy. The shop is usually busy, so it's a good idea to call first.

Tim Smith Inc. (SOP8920@siena.edu)
176, Sheridan Ave. Albany, NY 12210.
(518) 462-5664
The sign outside says "Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW service and repair. Don't let that fool you. I lucked upon his shop over a year ago, and have found his service to be excellent and his costs to be low to average. Unless it actually requires diagnostic time, he doesn't charge it. His business is repeat business of people who are sick of being abused at the hands of dealers. Many recommendations from other people. Shop has a real garage feel to it.. engines taken apart pieces lying around. He's probably the only one who can find anything in the place, it seems so cluttered. Expect to smell stogies burning and hear NPR on the shop radio. I've had excellent luck with him on numberous repairs to both the Q and the VW. phone number.

The Dealer Alternative (gelefsky@nbtw.com)
West Orange, NJ
Owner: Seth Goodwin Very good & fair Audi, Porsche and VW shop. They also specialize in Mazda Miata Turbocharging. I have been using them for 7 years. Seth is competent and professional. He is a pleasure to deal with and prices are fair. I have been servicing my Porsches and VW's there with no complaint.

Around Washington DC

Tri-Tec Automotive, Inc. (bchambers@Atlantic.nos.noaa.gov) Barry Fisher, Jim Felsky 2455 Hudson St. Annapolis, MD 21401 (410) 224-4377
They are the only folks I would allow to lay a wrench on either my 911 or my Syncro. I have found them *very* honest and competent...they have been consistently at or below their estimates! I can't recommend them highly enough! Smith's Import Specialists (healey@chester.lerc.nasa.gov)

Auto Centro Foreign Car Repair (youth@sura.net) (Albino and Paulo - father and son team) 7406 Westmore Road Rockville, Maryland (301)340-2444
These guys are great!! IMHO, the best place to take almost any car, but particularly Audi/VW/Eurocar in Maryland. They've saved me so much money in repair over the past several years I've been taking my 84 GT Coupe to them. Usually, I'll call around town and get several estimates - I've quit having to do that cause they have the most competitive price. All the work they've ever done for my Coupe and my parents 5000 has been top notch. Only problem: they're always full (with repeat customers) and may not be able to get your car in for a couple of days to a week. Another plus: they both have owned Audis

AutoSport Service (u3109@cray.com) Bill Bartlett 1821-B Margaret Avenue Annapolis, MD 21401 410-268-5951
Bill is "The Guy" as President, Mid-Atlantic Region of Audi Quattro Club USA, a TQC and '91 200 wagon owner, an all-around nice guy, and accomplished SCCA pilot in a Showroom-Stock-C (SSC) 1990 Mazda Protoge'. They specializein Audi, VW, Mazda, and Subaru. Bill has John Frissell as his Service Manager, who worked for years as Service Manager of Criswell Audi/Acura in Annapolis.


Sport Wheels (dan@di.com)
John Beckius
3030 Grand Av. Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601
I have an excellent mechanic that I used to put my '83 Ur Quattro back together when the engine blew apart. He specializes in the TQC, but can handle any other Audi. He's honest and very helpful. By the way, this is the guy that writes the "Tips from Uncle John" articles in the Quattro Quaterly. Hope this helps...

Jefford's Motor Cars (cmice@mke.ab.com) Waukesha, WI
Parts people are very willing to answer questions and give advice. Are avid supporters of local Saab Club, hosting lectures and guest speakers.

Chris Smith
(216) 543-7100
9685 E. Washington Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
Chris is a Factory trained VW/Audi/Porsche Master Mechanic and Ron has the equivalent training in Acura/Honda. Without a doubt, the best mechanics I know. They perform the highest quality work for very reasonable prices. They have a loyal following from the dealer they left. They are honest, and stand behind everything they do. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Maplewood Imports (pfh@cray.com) (was Johnson Autohaus, was Metropolitan Porsche-Audi) Saint Paul, Minnesota (2780 N. Highway 61) 612-483-2681
Our East-metro-area Audi dealer. It's had three owners in the last few years. Recently split off from Johnson Mercedes-Benz (Owatonna, Minnesota) and is now independent. I'll miss the S-class Benzes in the showroom.... Who knows how service will be in the future? They've been okay in the past. Recommended with reservations.

Jeff Chandler Motorsports (dlawson@ball.com) 4439 N. Braodway Unit G Boulder, CO 80304 303.444.2585
Porsche and Audi factory trained, 1 man, independent repair shop that performs very high quality work. He works on my 83 Ur and a number of others. Also works on many other Audis/quattros and Porsches.

Supercar Services - Mark J. Mertz (dlawson@ball.com) 1210 W. Custer Place Denver, CO 80223 303.722.3337
Works on a number of Audi turbo quattro coupes along with Ferraris, Maserati's, and other such cars. I have never had any service performed here, but have met with Mark on a number of occasions and have seen his work. Very competent and high quality workmanship.

F&D (Foreign & Domestic) Motor Works (pfh@cray.com) owned by Earl Sharpe 5371 Minnehaha Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 612-721-2868
Independent shop. Earl keeps a lot of Audis and other foreign makes going. A friend and I have used this shop for 10 years (for four Audis, a Saab, and a Jeep). Unfortunately, Audi gets sticky about repairs done outside an Audi dealership during the warranty period (anybody know what to do about this?--short of a class-action suit). Earl does good work, has reasonable rates, and offers reasoned opinions about fixing versus replacing. Highly recommended.

Bellevue Motor Sports (peterhe@microsoft.com)
Bellevue, WA
(206) 747-3278
Honest and up front about charges and needed work. They tend to be somewhat pricey and don't like putting in parts you bring yourself, but the workmanship is top notch and they're on time and right on the money with their estimates. They also carry a number of aftermarket lines for VWs and do some tuning work themselves.

Werner's Mastertek Auto Repair (rlouie@ix.netcom.com)
786 Dayton Street Aurora, CO 80010
Rolf Werner is a Master Registered Technician on Audi's and Volkswagen's, along with many other Japanese vehicles, like Nissan, and Suzuki. He was formerly with Pioneer P&A, and Tynan's VW. Since starting his own business, he has had a loyal following. He has done wonders for my Audi Coupe GT and at a reasonable cost. He is a quattro fan, especially his two 4000 Quattro's. Whenever possible, he will try to get the part via Audionly, since it will cost you and him less. He is always taking classes to improve his skills so that he can diagnose your car better. I know he does some after market work and will give you an honest opinion on the part you are thinking installing in your car. If you are looking at a new/used car, he'll be happy to give you his insight (don't buy any '84 or '85 Audi 5000) , or look at the car for you at no charge. The only customer to him is a happy customer. Call ahead, because it might be tough to get in to see him.


R & B Auto Clinic (wturchyn@wpg.paramax.com) 421 St. Mary's Road Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (204)-237-6038 There's a small shop here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that works on Audi, VW, and other makes. I've been taking my '77 Audi Fox there for a few years and they've always done very good work, without stealing my wallet.


Art Stange Foreign Car Service, owner Denny Stange (reesor@tss.com) Sunnyvale, CA 415-967-8120
Works on all types of foreign cars, though typically on German ones. Shop is small and grungy but Denny and his helper Mike seem pretty knowledgeable about Audis. They are honest and seem to care. The business, once owned by Denny's father Art, is 20+ years old. Denny worked with his father for years and purchased the shop some time ago.

Precision Motorsport (ptimmerm@mashtun.jpl.nasa.gov) Redondo Beach Hermosa Beach CA 310-318-6330
Run By Bob Hoffman (RS2 Owner). Decades of Audi Experience, $40 / Hour Said to work hard to save you $$.

Rusnak Porche/Audi/Jag/etc. (ptimmerm@mashtun.jpl.nasa.gov) Colorado Boul. Pasadena CA 818-449-0770
Typical Dealer, 73/Hr. Not Very Friendly or Helpful, but plenty expensive. Unlike some others they DON'T break more than they fix.

AutoTech (ptimmerm@mashtun.jpl.nasa.gov)
1076 E. Walnut Pasadena CA
I have had variable experience with them. The senior guys are good, but often not working on YOUR car. They have some cheap labor that broke my TQC several years ago. The car is still recovering from it's last trip there. Be careful, and make sure the guy who will wrench your car is OVER 50.

Mountain View Foreign Car Service (rsinger@iserver.pdl.com) Michael Meissner 2490 Old Middlefield Rd Mountain View CA 94040 415-964-9282
Mike currently takes care of my '86 5000TQ, and my '82 4000S 4E before that. He's conscientious and knowledgeable. From my experience, two thumbs up. His shop will also work on Mercedes and BMW, and is a Bosch authorized service center.

William Shabaz (phamh@dt.wdc.com) Orange, CA (714) 855-8531
Former Audi mechanic, semi-retired.

T & D Porsche Repair (blanch@cup.hp.com) Campbell, CA (408) 378-1911
Tom Amon is a Porsche guy from way back and also does work on Audis. The only Audi work I had done there was not very challenging, but done well. Any further input from Silicon Valley folks would be welcome.

Automotive Pit Stop (ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV) 4640 Van Nuys Blvd San Fernando Valley 818-784-5197
This is a recommended german repair shop in the valley.

Mike Rooney, tel. 818-587-0660 (lea@popeye.uchicago.edu)
he works on Audi only, he's located in Newbery Park, Ca but is mobile, and he's a factory trained master technician. I purchased a 1984 5000S Wagon from him that he had owned and have found him to be just a great person to deal with. He's taken care of any problems I've had and always explained and shown me every aspect of what he is doing. He has been uncommonly generous with his time and advice, and has spent quite a bit a time on the phone with me explaining how to make minor repairs. I have yet to come up with an Audi question that he could not answer and for which he could not give me a complete running history of the problem. I'd give him my unconditional recommendation!

German Motors (tetrault@trans-power.com)
George Richey
North Shore of Lake Tahoe, California
He is actually just outside of Tahoe City. A factory authorized VW/Audi repair station, he is utterly honest and always fixes his cars on time and on budget. Never upsells you, but does make a point to tell you what you should do. Has numerous personal Quattro's, including Ralley Sport Coupe and 200S Quattro with 300+HP. North Shore has most per capita Quattro's in world because of him. Do not go to Dick Donnelly in Reno.

Brasil Auto (MCRIBEIRO@aol.com)
3140 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, Ca 95127.
The owner John Brasil is very knowledgable about Audi and will do anything possible to serve you. I have been using him since I bought my first Audi in 1984. He is a rallye driver that enjoys racing his quattro in different California races. Note:  racer Rui Brasil's brother.

VW Specialties (Paul.J.Timmerman@jpl.nasa.gov)
Ron Wood
Gothard Ave, Hntington Beach, CA
Open Tues-Fri, Ron has experience with all water cooled VW and Audi's, but specializes in the 4000 series cars. He owns a 1982 Turbo Quattro, a 86 4000Q, and and 87 Coupe GT, as well as a 300HP Quattro Rally car. He specializes in custom work to improve your cars performance.


Coral Springs Auto Repair, owner Todd (lar@vnet.IBM.COM) Wiles Rd, Coral Springs FL 305-341-5086
Generalist, works on anything but there are always 2-3 Audis in his lot, he personally likes Audis and buys them to fix up and resell. not authorized by anyone that I can tell. Seems fairly knowledgeable and fairly honest, tends to easter-egg to fix things but stands behind his warrantees. Used him 5 times in last 6 months for various things. NOTE: several list members have had some problems recently. You may wish to avoid this place.

Elsewhere(I'm bad at geography)

Kauth and Meyer (cmice@mke.ab.com) Peoria, IL
Years of experience in everything non-American. Knowledgable mechanics who are honest and up-front.

Burk's Autohaus (geanious@primenet.com)
1701 N. West St. Flagstaff, AZ 86002 520-774-2368
Burkhard Franke
Burk does excellent work on all foreign makes. He adores quattros. Excellent porsche, BMW, VW mechanic. Will bend over backwards for the quattro owner in need.

Recommended Mechanics - Mechanics to Avoid

Colonial Motors (Authorized Audi Dealer) (abd@ri.cadre.com & others) Providence, RI
After a month had passed and they hadn't done a thing to my car (waiting for parts they said. don't they know about Fedex?) I called Lani Brown (Regional Manager for Phidelphia) who channelled my complain to Dave Perazzo (Regional Manager in NY who also handles RI). Thanks to both of them, the dealer actually started to work on my car. I got the car back last week, and they did a bad job. The rear right wheel makes scratching noises when I turn. Seems that the bearing doesn't sit right. The steering wheel pulls to the right. They found that the ABS sensors need to be replaced after they rolled the car out of the garage. And guess what they don't have that in stock. Suprise here huh! I called the dealer and they can't take in my car till Monday! I'm sick of dealing with these guys.

Spartan Motors (lar@vnet.IBM.COM) Poughkeepsie, NY
I had some bad experiences with them when I first got my 84' 5000S back in 1990. I stopped going to them so can't comment on what they are like now.

Pass Weitz Porsche Audi (rdh@sli.com) Burlington, MA
My Ur stopped working one day (as they seem prone to do), so I had it flat bedded to the PW folks. A month (!) later, they said they replaced a "sensor" and it was ready. I quickly discovered (Rt 128 x Rt 2 onramp) that the engine now cut out at 3750 rpm, so I took it back. Six weeks later they finally admitted that not only could they not fix it, but the car wouldn't run at all! I flatbedded it to a competent mechanic who had it running well a day later...

Capitol Import Autos (cmice@mke.ab.com)
Recently caught in odometer roll-back scandal. Can't vouch for their service as I've never trusted them enough to go there. Midtown Imports (cmice@mke.ab.com) Pekin, IL While they mean well, their staff is undertrained. Mention Midtown at any shop and they roll their eyes and say "Oh."

Bernardi (David_Wagner@dgc.ceo.dg.com) Natick, MA 01760
It is obvious to me that Bernardi: 1. Lies about services performed (obviously never inspected the steering system though I complained several times about it) 2. Tries the "frighten the customer" approach to sucker people into expensive work which is not needed at the level or cost equivalent to their level of scare tactics... BTW: It has been reported to me they do this exact same thing with Honda service. Avoid them.

Schneider & Nelson (ncc@scr.siemens.com) Somewhere in NJ
whatever you do, don't go anywhere near Schneider & Nelson, they're the worst car dealership I've ever encountered!

Fitzgerald Cadillac (bchambers@Atlantic.nos.noaa.gov) Somewhere in MD
Service dept told me that I needed cv joints replaced on all 4 axles of my Syncro (this was before I discovered TT). Since I had not noticed anything amiss (no evil sounds or other symptoms), I decided to defer the job. subsequently, I bought the 911 and was directed by another friend to TT as Porsche experts (the P dealer is 50 miles away). I was so pleased with them, that I asked them to do the cv joints for me. Imagine my surprise when they told me that I did not need *any* work on the Syncro's cv joints!

Olympic Motors (dans@audifans.com) Warburton Ave. Yonkers, NY 10701 (914) 968-0691
No longer recommended, since the former owner/mechanic has returned to Greece and I have heard bad things about the place since he left.

MACK'S AUTO SERVICE (cjhowell@mnsinc.com)
("Specializing in VW/AUDI & all foreign & domestic cars")
3929 N. 5th Place, Arlington VA (just outside Washington, DC).
Note: this is long but a necessary description, IMO.
For a place that claims to specialize in Audis & VWs, you would think that they would know better than to put a clutch disk in BACKWARDS! I took my beloved '85 Coupe GT with 230K mi. to them to have the clutch assembly replaced for the first time ever (and only because the rear crankshaft seal was starting to go and oil had contaminated the disk). These clowns call me back after a day and tell me that the installed clutch will not fully disengage because there is not enough "oomph" in the clutch master & slave hydraulic cylinders. Though I had just rebuilt the master cylinder 2 weeks prior, and it was working fine, I was talked into this $150 added expense. When I picked up the car, it was all I could to to get it in and out of any gear with the clutch pedal mashed into the floor, and gear-grinding was almost totally unavoidable. After complaining and asking if the system was bled and if there was any adjustment to the linkage they could look at, I was told that I needed to "drive it around awhile" and that everything had been done properly. I took it back after a week to have them fix the exhaust leak they had allowed at the first connection down from the manifold, and asked them again to see what could be done to make the clutch better (nothing). I even maxed-out the clutch pedal adjustment and got no improvement). Then, a couple weeks after that, I accidentally noticed that the driver's inner CV joint was hanging on by one bolt, and the joint was separated from the transmission by nearly an inch. I finally took the car to the Audi dealer (Heishmann's Porshe Audi) and told them what happened, that I wanted them to open it up, and that I wanted this thoroughly documented for possible legal action. Sure enough, the clutch disk was installed backwards, and had done considerable damage to all related components. MACK's said it was impossible to put a disk in backwards, but Audi invited them down to see for themselves, and they did. MACK's now says it will reimburse, but only the labor expense ($350), and NOT the parts (which I supplied - $190), or the un-needed master/slave ($150). Of course they don't care about the contaminated joint at all. My friend who is an attorney is sending them a demand letter, and if that does not work we're going to District Court where they'll have to hire an attorney to defend themselves.

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