[200q20v] eurolight boot source?

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Wed Dec 20 23:11:52 EST 2000

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steve_scalmanini at agilent.com writes:

> So what's the exact part number? 

Again, go to scott mockry's web page...
"Parts, Euro Lights for US 1986-88 5000T/Q, 1989-91 200T/Q 
     Left side: 0 301 071 105 
     Right side: 0 301 071 106 
     Rubber boot to cover electrical connector 447-941-189
     The electrical connector plastic housing part number 447 972 957, Audi 
spade connector part number is N-017-491-8

     The replacement European headlamp glass lenses are (Left) 447-941-115, 
(Right) 447-941-116. The headlamp lens gasket is 447-941-119, the glass lens 
retaining clips are 443-941-125 (8 clips are used for
     each headlamp lens)"

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