[200q20v] Tranny from Germany

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Thu Nov 2 12:20:23 EST 2000

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From: "Max Conover" <maxesales at home.com>

: Mike,
: How  much was the tranny ?
: And question to the list and Chris. Are these trannies prone to failure
: ? Or at what milage do they give out ?
: Thanks,
: Max

The price I paid was $700 + shipping.  I thought I heard a couple years ago
that a new tranny from the dealer was like $6000.

I had problems when I purchased the car around 75k miles with the tranny
being hard to get into 2nd gear.  I purchased a 36/36k warranty when I got
the car and at 108k on the clock I had them replace 2nd gear and the synchro
under warranty. Within 500 miles, 5th gear started grinding and needed a new
synchro. The dealer that had done the 2nd gear work paid a local shop ( I
had moved in the interim) to fix 5th gear. 14 months later, I started to
develope a growl, most noticeable in 1st and 2nd under de-celleration. I had
it looked at, and on the rack, you could here the growl in all gears at all
times. Best guess was the input shaft bearing going and the tranny oil did
have fine metallic particles in it. I decided it was easier just to spend
the money and get a new tranny rather than trying a 3rd internal fix on
mine. I figure total cost for the new tranny installed will be around
$1400 - well less than the price of a used tranny a year or so ago. I also
ran Redline oil in the tranny from about 75k.

As far as I know, the trannies are historically "finicky" about 2nd gear
although mine was perfect after new parts installed. I don't know of any
others that have had problems with 5th gear.

mike miller

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