[200q20v] power steering hose (rebuilding) question

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Mon Oct 23 16:31:01 EDT 2000

I decided to take the advice of Paul W. (and others), and so I spoke to
Didi at Carlsen about ordering the hose in question. She has several in
stock (the right p/n for the '91 model) and swears up and down that it's
the Audi gen-YOU-WHINE oem part. The better bit of news is price--much less
than I expected: a "mere" $140. Actually I was anticipating close to (or
even over) $200. So it'll be here in a coupla days. And if I ever get the
old hose removed, I may even get to use it.

A couple of people have recommended using a flex-head socket wrench for
this job. Also, the first order of business is getting the Pentosin
reservoir to move outa  da way. I need to figure out how to press on that
fussy plastic tab at  the end tapered slider which seems to keep the
reservoir from being pulled up.


At 11:14 AM -0400 10/23/00, Paul Waterloo wrote:
>I've replaced that hose before, anybody that has done it can tell you it is
>a very tight fit just getting the banjo bolts off! Once it is back on
>(attach the one in the back first), it has to be exactly the right length to
>get nice and flat against the PS pump. Maybe I'm getting older (next week
>I'll be 35), but the $2xx for the hose (which is a rip-off in my opinion),
>the money for the new oil, and not having to worry about it not working and
>dealing with the damn hydraulic fluid again -- it's worth it.
>There is nothing like doing a job only once....
>To each his own.....
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>> > << Ol' Lago Blue and I had only a week of smooth sailing after our
>> > episode, but now the "notorious" high-pressure hose (from PS pump to
>> > steering rack) is starting a major hemorrhage. A number of listers have
>> > posted about having hydraulic hoses rebuilt locally at a fairly low
>> > Others have pointed out that there is a special, internal damping
>> > in the oem version of this particular one. So I wonder if it should be
>> > possible for the rebuilder to install that same oem "inner section", so
>> > hose will be functionally identical to the oem version? Or are we
>> > to doing without those "innards", which according to Bernie Benz will
>> > the steering to be a more noisy (?) than normal. ....
>> In my opinion, it will drive you nuts.  It's even worse -- Linda at
>Carlsen Audi
>> actually stocks a replacement part that has the same problem: you need to
>buy the
>> more expensive OEM part instead of the aftermarket job.  So be careful
>when you
>> order the replacement.
>> I've had two of the other (less critical) hoses rebuilt by a local
>hydraulic shop
>> with success, but I decided not to chance this one.
>> -Arun
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