[200q20v] antennas

Tom and Carlyn Jervis jervidae at cybermesa.com
Mon Oct 23 20:59:22 EDT 2000

With the Avant, I made a new antenna to screw onto the mounting block 
at the back (the Avant does not use the window antenna).  The new 
piece is about 3 feet long (stainless welding rod soldered into a 
base made of brass rod stock drilled and tapped for the mm screw and 
using a mm set screw to match the threaded hole in the mounting 

Being well aware that this arrangement does not have a good impedance 
match to the transformer on the amplifier, I was skeptical of 
success, but I get several more distant stations when I scan across 
the range than I do with the stock antenna.  I only use this for 
trips though, as it interferes with the garage door.

Tom Jervis

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