[200q20v] power steering hose (rebuilding) question

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Oct 24 17:34:06 EDT 2000

>In a message dated Tue, 24 Oct 2000  3:40:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Phil
>Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net> writes:
><< I expect things will eventually fall into place. I'll probably need my son,
>Marc to come over and help--this approach is definitely a two-man (or one
>gorilla) operation.
> >>
>Let me remind the studio audience, and those joining us from home, that this
>several day saga is discussion about removal of "one" bolt from the end of
>"one" hydraulic hose.

I've been told that this hose replacement on type 44 cars is a "walk in the
park" compared to doing it on the V6.

>Ah, the joys of being a home mechanic...

Well, the upside of this is that we haven't seen our son in a while. And
we'll feed him dinner. It's pasta with homemade tomato sauce, which I
prepared myself this afternoon--I hope I removed enough grease from under
my fingernails to avoid tainting the hand-crushed tomatoes.

Hmm, I _thought_ I had grease under my nails, but they seem pretty clean
now. :-)


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