[200q20v] various Audi matters

Mark Trank MTrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us
Wed Oct 25 17:03:39 EDT 2000

Fellow listers:

A few comments/questions:

(1) 10/00 issue of European Car has 3 articles on Audis........one on APR in
Alabama and its efforts re: tuning the S4 and A4; another on the mag's A4
project and a short article on the TT.  Those of you who've seen the
articles, sorry for the redundancy. 

(2) Does anyone know whether the 89-91 100 series was available in an Avant
w/Quattro?  I've seen a few 100 Avants around town but all have been FWD.  

(3)  Can anyone advise whether the classifieds are accessible, and, if so,
how?  I seem to be at a loss as to where to find 'em.

(4)  I never believed that owning an Audi was free in any sense (despite my
love for the cars) but I've recently been proven wrong.  I was at the local
Audi dealership a few weeks ago when I spied a really nice poster showing
the R8's 1-2-3 finish at Le Mans.  After inquiring where I could get one,
they gave me a # at Audi USA.  I promptly called and was eventually handed
over to a very nice fellow in the PR Department who told me that,
unfortunately, that particular poster was no longer available.  After a
pause, he said that he would send me his gratis!  He confirmed that I am
registered as a 91 200 Quattro owner and promised to send it out.  Couple of
days ago, it arrives and is now gracing a wall in my office!  

Enough babbling.  Anyone who can address items #2-3, TIA.

Mark A. Trank
mtrank at albemarle.org
91 200Q 82k miles
91 100Q (sold)
87 5kctsq (passed down to a family member, alive and well in CO)

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