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Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sat Oct 28 15:07:52 EDT 2000

At 7:57 AM -0400 10/28/00, Rich Andrews wrote:
>> I just did a banzai run from Boston to Atlanta and back.  Left Friday
>> night, back Monday night.  Car did great, except for one weird thing.  The
>> next morning, I noticed a semi-large oil stain under the car.
>> This is not the first time this has happened.  It seems like everytime I
>> do a "serious" trip (> 5 hours?) this has happened.  In daily driving,
>> nothing, no more than a tiny drop, if that.
>> What could this be?
>If I were to guess, it could be those vacuum hoses in the back for the
>PCV? system.

But is it really engine oil?  Could it be Pentosin from pump and/or
hydraulic hoses? Steering rack? Tranny oil from leaking input seal, or
differential (output) shaft seals. Those (tranny) leaks are often
associated with burning oil odor from dripping onto cats; also the stains
are pretty well to the rear/sides.

I've learned that most of these are expected on a 100+K mile car with
original parts. I replaced the cam-cover gasket a couple of months ago
because of oil steadily oozing down the side and back of the engine--though
it was never enough to drip.


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