[200q20v] 91 200q vs. the Love Bug

Paul Waterloo pwaterloo at compuserve.com
Sun Oct 29 16:48:00 EST 2000

The other day I was driving on I-88 in Illinois on my way to Iowa...

Coming out of a toll booth in the middle of nowhere I see a new beetle
accelerating quickly. I get behind him and follow. It clears up and he
stomps on it, I'm in 5th gear and rolling from about 65 and 1.5 bar (3/4
pedal). The bug pulls slowly away from me! I keep it at 1.5 bar and he keeps
pulling away....!!! We come up on some traffic and slow down, we do it
again....this time I downshift to 4th and give it more gas. He's cranking on
it and I see that I can close down on him. Shift into 5th and go for the
ride. The bug is almost as fast as my car, just a tad slower.....

Look down at the speedo (this has been going on for about three
minutes....3rd acceleration run) and it was somewhere between 135 and 140
and Herby is leading!!!! We do it once more with me leading but the guy
didn't stick to it.

This bug had manufacturer plates on it, I'm sure it was turbo (but just had
a small wing at the bottom of the back window) and I hope it was chipped! If
not, those turbos are gonna be really fast cars!!!


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