[200q20v] Selecting a Body Shop (was: Beware of Dealers)

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Tue Sep 26 22:48:43 EDT 2000

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> I'm 
>  reminded to inquire about how to select a shop for 
>  such repairs.  

Ah, the best way to check is to select a few high-end 
Mer*des/P*rsche/Audi/BM* new and used car dealers and find out who they use.  
Most don't do repairs themselves on these specialty cars and will happily 
recommend reputable shops.  Also check with the insurance company to see 
whose work falls in their "guaranteed for  xx years repair list.  Between the 
two of them you should find your repair shop.  Just make sure they know that 
you have a "Rare" car.  Some parts guys at the Dealers today don't even know 
there's a differnece between 200Q and 200Q20v (imagine that...).

'91 200q20v with a few mods...

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