[200q20v] heavens to mergatroid, blowout at 90

David Schaible dschaible at penw.com
Wed Apr 18 09:51:01 EDT 2001

i always wondered what would happen if you had a blowout at high speed and
yesterday i had my big chance to find out...i was going a little faster
than the flow of traffic (90mph) up a hill on I84 in NY and felt a
vibration like a wheel out of balance and less than two seconds later i was
driving on my rim.  it was the rear drivers side wheel.  basically it was
no issue, i just slowed down and got over the 3 lanes onto the shoulder,
three cheers for quattro technology....i think it might have been different
if it was a front tire....oh yeah, don't forget to check your spare tire
pressure occasionally

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