[200q20v] IA III+ = turbo replacement in a year or two?

Pete Kunzler pck at gte.net
Sun Dec 2 14:52:04 EST 2001

When I  bought my 3+ from Ned (personal friend) he told me that as long as
the turbo was in good shape before the upgrade and was not abused after it
should be fine. The 3+ does wind a K24 pretty tight though so keep your oil
fresh, let it cool before shutting it off, keep you air filter in good shape
and it should be ok.


BTW, it's been 2 years and 45,000 miles since the upgrade. :-)

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> At 6:06 PM -0800 11/30/01, Neil Vonhof wrote:
> >Ned more or less indicated to me that choosing the Stage III+ meant
> >probable turbo replacement within a year or two, depending, of
> >course, how heavy your foot is.
> Whoaaaaa nelly.  Ned never told me that.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I
> asked him about long term reliability and he said "no problems."  You
> sure that's what he said?
> I don't think I've heard of anyone ever loosing a turbo on the older
> cars due to a chip, either...and we're not talking new S4tt's here,
> we're talking cars that have been on the planet for 10 years, so I
> would think that if there was a problem, we'd hear about it a lot.
> Anyone?
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