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Mike make be simplistic (ask Hap), but he's right on in terms of design and
execution.  If you look at the "big dog" IC designs, you will see that short
and more, beats long an less (ok insert jokes here;).  Bernie, for more on
this, you can go to a variety of books, Try page 59 and 60 in Corky Bell's
book for starters. Longer tubes = greater pressure loss across the IC = bad.

That said, I calculated the flows a while ago for the 5kt and the S4t, and
found that two of them will work really well in parallel, the S4t a bit
better, but the 5kt hard to beat in terms of B4B.  If I can find those calcs,
I'll post em up.  But MP's summary is spot on, IMO, audi specs darn good IC's
for a given (small) size.  The problem with really efficient IC's is that
they have very narrow working ranges before PD raises it's ugly head.
Doubling them up is a great idea, so is going double pass with really high
flow IC's.

Frontal area is key, the more the better, the shorter the cores, better
still.  Stock IC's from Audi tho, are for short bursts as MP proposes, that
can be easily confirmed with the Davtron, even the "Big ass" turbos heat soak
the stock IC quickly (<30seconds).

HTH, thoroughly enjoying the reads guys!

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>>Your examples are too simplistic and unrealistic to make a reasonable
>>comment thereon, so I won't.

Pederson writes:
> Well all I can offer is the thought that just because a tube is
> shorter doesn't necessarily mean it can't be as effective a heat
> transfer sink as a longer tube SO LONG AS, or maybe a better term be
> IF the charge air moving through it has, among other things (i.e. the
> "turbulators" effects & functions) been slowed in its passage.
> i.e. If you have two systems, one a single ten foot tube vs. the
> other, ten one foot tubes, same volume or flow of air, isn't the air
> in the ten one foot tubes going to be moving @ 1/10th the speed of the
> single column of air in the one 10 foot tube?  Therefore, volume for
> volume, the air in both systems will be spending the same total amount
> of "tube time" Yes?  But the initial "highest" heat delta may be
> better distributed over the first 2" or 3" of the 10 short tube
> system, than the equivalent 36" of the single tube system?
>> First, remember that our cars are not designed as race cars
>> or Pikes Peak performers.  IMO, They are designing cars for
>> short burst performance,.... snips

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