[200q20v] broken key in trunk

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Dec 4 18:03:15 EST 2001

I don't think you can "poke it out" from the back side, Sean.  The lock
comes off easily enough.  Just unclip the plastic retainers that hold the
lever arm to the latch and the arm to the vacuum switch that does the
automatic locking and unlocking, lift the arms out of their respective
levers on the lock assembly and then undo two nuts that hold the assembly
in place.  Whole thing slides right off the studs and goes back on just as
easily.  I'd take it to a locksmith to extract the key shank unless you can
grasp it easily with some needlenose pliers or something like a dental
pick.  The springs on the pins might apply too much pressure for you to
"dig" it out with a pick.

If you take the assembly to a locksmith, ask him to lubricate it too.  And
then lubricate the vacuum lock's lever.  The groove the lever moves back
and forth in has a ball in a detent that gets frozen in place and seizes
the lever so the vacuum can't manipulate it.  I spray with a lube that
includes some teflon.

At 02:38 PM 12/04/2001 -0800, Sean Upchurch wrote:

>Anybody ever have their key break off in the truck (or door) lock cylinder?
>Last weekend a large gust of wind ripped open the trunk as my wife opened it
>with the key and broke off the key.  Are you able to slide the key out once
>the cylinder is detached from the car or did you have to take it to a
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