[200q20v] Re: quattro list shirts

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Dec 6 14:54:38 EST 2001

All arrangements/design factors have not been completed, if I understand
Dan's earlier messages.  No ordering details have been posted pending
completion of the planning.  He doesn't know what the costs will be so he
can't accept orders or payments yet.  Maybe someone on the Audifans lists I
don't belong to can put this info up there.

At 10:22 AM 12/06/2001 -0800, superba wrote:

>I all,
>Don't flame me for this, but I've seen dozens of posts but none that
>described how to order them.  Also, I put my vote in for you to use PayPal
>or take credit cards like Visa, MC.
>Please prominently post the URL if there is one or an official email or ???
>Jim Jordan

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