[200q20v] fuel smell

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 6 16:16:28 EST 2001

I have the same problem.

What's worse is if I fill the tank I get some gas
dripping down.  The culprit looks like a loose clamp
up around the filler neck but behind the body sheet

I have no idea how to access this area.  Can't reach
it from below, can't reach it if I remove the wheel
well liner.

These days I don't fill the car up anymore but the
smell does seep out shortly after driving it.

--- Donna or Chris Locke <d.locke at snet.net> wrote:
> Hi all.  '91 200 20vtq, my wife's car.  I get a very
> strong gasoline
> smell at times.  It doesn't seem to matter whether
> the fuel tank is
> empty, half, or full, regardless of how the car was
> driven prior to
> smelling the odor, this smell of gas pops up.
> Outside the car,
> passenger side, right near the rear door (of course,
> right where all the
> fuel stuff is located!!) and on occasion, you can
> smell it inside.  I
> looked all over for drips, none to be found, some
> rust here and there on
> the seam of the fuel tank, but the seams look dry.
> Took it for a ride
> tonight, really drove it, hard cornering, hard
> braking, hard
> accelerating (my kind of driving anyway!!) and got
> home with no smell.
> NOW, about 5 minutes after I shut off the engine, I
> got one quick whiff
> outside the car, by the rear passenger door.  No
> smell in the trunk,
> very very faint where the rear seat used to be,
> nothing up by the
> headrest or seatbelt area.  I'm really lost on this
> one.  Anybody else
> come across this one?
> Thanks for the help..
> Chris Locke
> '91 2C20VTQ
> '86 4KCSTQ
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