[200q20v] New shocks in, now a wheel bearing is going, general suspension c omplaints

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Wed Dec 12 15:13:19 EST 2001

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It will end someday, right?

I got my new Bilstein HDs in, and about 1500 miles later I start hearing the
left wheel bearing go.

Just before replacing my 200q20v shocks, I replaced the shocks and springs
on my '90 Syncro Westfalia with heavy dutier stuff: Old Man Emu shocks and
custom heavy duty springs (details at www.syncro.org)
The difference in the syncro was outstanding, but I have to admit while the
shocks in the Avant are a real improvement, from the gitgo they were a minor
disappointment compared to the syncro.

The Avant has 137000 miles. I did not want to lower or suffer to much on the
terrible DC roads, so I just went with HDs and no spring changes. Should I
replace the factory springs? Is there a way to test the existing springs?
Would I be better off going down the road of replacing all the original

Now  the bearing started to go. Anyone got an idea what it costs to have
this done at a shop? Should I do the other side too as preventative
maintenance? What bushing should I replace as part of this operation?


Tom F.
Audi 200 veteran of (so far):
front door lock fix (twice)
heater blower replacement
timing chain and water pump replacement
rear brakes
R+R shocks
and a bunch of other stuff

91 200q20v Avant
90 VW Syncro Westfalial
83 VW Vanagon GL 9pax Sunroof

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