[200q20v] timing belt (2084 tool)

Donna or Chris Locke d.locke at snet.net
Wed Dec 12 21:41:26 EST 2001


I built one of these in my shop one desperate cold night when I found the crank timing belt gear had a crack on the key.  About 10 bucks in steel and 2 pieces of
7014 welding rod.  Where are you?

'91 2C20VTQ
'86 4KCSTQ

> Phil Rose wrote:
> Subject: [200q20v] timing belt (2084 tool)
> I'm getting ready to do a t-belt service and would like to know if
> any lister has the 2084 tool (for crank pulley removal/installation)
> available to lend/rent?
> I'll have all other parts and tools in a few days and would like to
> begin work by the  weekend, if possible.
> Thanks.
> Phil

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