[200q20v] Re: lower wastegate hose?

Donna or Chris Locke d.locke at snet.net
Wed Dec 12 21:47:45 EST 2001

Loud spinning noise?  I actually like the noise the car makes when either of the intercooler hoses are loose because I forgot to tighten them up enough after the
timing belt job.  When you mash your foot on the floor, and you hear the turbo start to spool up, there's this PPAah noise, then no noise at all....


'91 2C20VTQ

> Ingo wrote:
> But before you do that, make sure you all your hoses are secure.  Loud
> spinning noise?  That concerns me.  Mine only got noisy when my lower turbo
> to intercooler hose split.  Lots of noise, but little boost.

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