[200q20v] 200q20v sightings

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Mon Dec 17 13:51:24 EST 2001

Nice bit of political maneuvering there Bernie, but I'm afraid that you've
not earned the position nor demonstrated the character, officially or
unofficially, to be one who speaks for the rest of us.  If you have any
difficulty understanding this, I'm sure anyone else who responds to your
post below will illustrate the reasons why.
Very poor judgment call.

I have no problems with sightings posts at all, and in fact, I've met 2
listers this way (on the audi20v list), and it speaks well for the
usefulness of enthusiast lists in general.  It is my opinion that any
attempt to limit the scope of a such a list also limits its usefulness and
its community value, but regardless, is a judgment that the owner ought
decide, not myself.

'91 200q20v

On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, Bernie Benz wrote:

> If you see them on ther side of the road, stop and help, but spare us.
> Bernie

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