[200q20v] In the hot seat

Pete Kunzler pck at gte.net
Wed Dec 19 19:45:29 EST 2001

The only way to really be sure is to pull the seat cover and see if you can
do a little soldering on the element.

You are welcome to use my barcalounger that's sitting in the garage while
you try this. You can even use my garage if you would like. (that way I can
see how hard it is so I know whether or not to try this on my sport seats,


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> > Within the last week or so, the driver's seat heater has developed a hot
> > spot.  It is just left of center about 3 inches from the seat back.
> > the seat heater is on 1 it is tolerable but when it is changed to 2 it
> gets
> > to be unbearable.  Is this a sign that it is getting ready to fail? And
> > there anything I can do to fix it (hopefully before it breaks)?
> >
> > Sean Upchurch
> Mine did this a couple years ago, but near the front left side for the hot
> spot. Seat heater went out within a month as I recall.
> mike miller
> helmville mt
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