[200q20v] No Power windows

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Dec 20 14:43:58 EST 2001

At 11:06 AM 12/20/2001 -0800, Shayne wrote:

>The power windows on the 200q don't work.  I have spent nearly an hour
>trying to figure it out.  I can't.  Any ideas?  Bentley says the circuit is
>auto resetting.  Says sunroof is on the same circuit.  The sunroof works.

 From Chris Miller's website:

Help! The window is down and won't go up!
From: "Kent McLean" <kentmclean-at-mindspring.com>
Subject: Window doesn't go up - fix
[Chris Miller and Scott Mockry: feel free to add this to your web sites.
Just give me credit for the procedure.]
Problem: The front passenger power window is stuck in the down position.
Symptoms: Neither the driver's side switch nor the passenger-side switch
works the motor.
Cause: Most likely a broken wire in the rubber boot between the door and
the door jamb. (Other potential causes are a bad/dirty switch, no power to
the switch, a bad motor, or a bad regulator.)
The Fix: This temporary fix gets the window back up. It is not a
permanent repair.
Tools: 4mm hex-head wrench, two pieces of wire each about four feet long
Caution: Disconnect the battery whenever working on electrical
components. Even if it messes up your radio.
1. Remove the arm rest from the door.
There are three 4mm hex-head bolts holding it on. They are located on the
underside of the arm rest. You don't have to remove them, just loosen them.
Remove the armrest by pulling perpendicular to the inner door face, towards
the seat if the door were closed. On mine, the rear attachment points freed
up easily. The front took a very firm pull. Wiggling the armrest up and down
seems to help.
2. Remove the window switch from the armrest.
The switch assembly just slides out of the armrest, towards the door. You
are removing the switch together with the black plastic trim piece.
3. Separate the switch from the connector.
Pull the switch and the connector apart, separating the two. Wiggling up and
down seems to make this easier, too.
4. Apply power to the connector.
You need a pair of wires to reach from the battery to the switch. Lamp cord
will work. I used a some 24" jumper wires from Radio Shack, connected end to
end. Connect one wire from the battery's negative terminal to the black wire
terminal on the connector. Briefly connect the other wire from the battery's
positive terminal to the green wire terminal on the connector. The window
should go up. If not, you have a problem with the motor or regulator. Or the
color codes on your wiring are incorrect; try the other terminals.
5. Re-assemble the armrest.
Don't attach the switch to the connector until you make a permanent fix;
this will prevent the problem repeating itself. Slide the switch assembly
back into the armrest. Reattach the armrest to the door, securing it by
tightening the three 4mm hex-head bolts. Celebrate with a cold one.
Kent McLean,
'89 200TQ in southern NH

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