[200q20v] Was: HEATER, Now Wet Footwells

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Sun Dec 23 20:28:40 EST 2001

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>>..I think the flap referred to would be in the heater core box.  The other

Yes, that's the one I meant.

>>Wet REAR footwells, I've found, are from plugged sunroof drains.  There
>>four drains, one from each corner of the sunroof opening.  The front two

I remembered plugged sunroof drains causing some kind of problem.Didn't
remember what.
I took a quick look at those today, and tried to run an old weed wacker line
through the hole without success.
Guess I'll try to dump some water in there, and see if it makes it's way
out. How does a plugged line dump H2O in the footwells?


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