[200q20v] Boost gauge

Doyt W. Echelberger Doyt at buckeye-express.com
Sun Dec 23 23:32:37 EST 2001

Hello Adam......No, but I'll tell you about my "stealth" boost gauge, and
maybe you will reconsider locating your gauge to conform to how you are
going to use it.

I only use a boost gauge when I am adjusting the manual WG control values,
and the rest of the time I just drive the car and enjoy the results. Most
of the time, I can't imagine taking my attention away from the road to even
glance at a boost gauge. So, I attached the gauge to a 3 foot vacuum line
and I leave it coiled up in a nest inside the engine compartment. When I
want to monitor the boost performance, I uncoil the hose with the gauge
attached, snake it up out of the engine bay at the back of the hood, and
secure it under the driver-side wiper.

I end up with the gauge squarely in front of my eyes when I want to look at
it.  I set my dialable WG control for the boost I want, verify it by
testing, and put the gauge back in it's nest until the next time.

Can you imagine taking your eyes off the road where they are focused on
things 100 yards ahead, searching around for the cigarette lighter location
two feet away, focusing on the boost gauge and it's numbers and needle, and
then getting reoriented to the road........all the time traveling with your
foot to the floor and your car screaming ahead like a runaway rocket?   You
will want at least two or three seconds of eye contact with the gauge, and
in that time you are going to travel between 150 and 250 feet, at least.
Maybe farther.

Think about it before you bore those holes and drive those screws.

Doyt Echelberger

At 08:23 PM 12/23/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>     I'm preparing to install an analog boost-vacuum gauge in the 200q20v in
>preparation for the IA stage III treatment scheduled for later next month.  I
>saw the placement of the gauge on the SJM site (directly over speaker-vent on
>dash) and i don't really want to put it in that position.  The site mentioned
>something about installing the gauge in the space occupied by the ciggarett
>lighter.  This seems more appealing to me, and I was wondering if anyone on
>the list had done such and installation and would like to let me know what it
>Many thanks,
>Adam Chinchiolo '91 200q20v, pearl white
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