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At 8:07 PM -0700 12/19/01, Mike Miller wrote:
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>>  Within the last week or so, the driver's seat heater has developed a hot
>>  spot.  It is just left of center about 3 inches from the seat back.  When
>>  the seat heater is on 1 it is tolerable but when it is changed to 2 it
>>  to be unbearable.  Is this a sign that it is getting ready to fail? And is
>>  there anything I can do to fix it (hopefully before it breaks)?
>>  Sean Upchurch
>Mine did this a couple years ago, but near the front left side for the hot
>spot. Seat heater went out within a month as I recall.

That's nothing.  One late spring, the family's first Audi('85 5000S)
decided to turn on the seat heater, and thus officially began my
adventures with Audi electricals.  I had to go into the footwell and
unplug the harness for the heated seat element to get it to stop; my
mother reported it was unbearable.

That was the same car that once emitted a strong electrical burning
odor for a few seconds, and from that point on reversed air
conditioning and heating.  Heating in the summer, air conditioning in
the winter.

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